New site ... new work

First week of school…

Summer is over … both me and our little girl have started school. She has now been at school for almost 1.5 weeks ….

Elisabeth waiting school bus

And I had to move to the southern part of the country. My darlings stayed in the North. We’ll see how it turns out … maybe maybe they will, but we don’t know that yet. Have been looking at houses and apartments a bit, but what you can buy for a good price up there is 3 times the price down here.

My school has been exciting..

I came to a small town called Falköping. And now I’m learning to saw a straight fine line.. while I, who have never drawn any shape on sheet metal, have found it difficult and would rather avoid it altogether… Now I’ve started to learn to use tools that I’ve never needed. .. but it’s so fun and exciting … 🙂

Started my second work task …
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