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My first jewelry .

This are my first necklaces

My very first jewelry what I did. As I mentioned in the front, about our first visit to mountains ..Borgafjällen. It was the end of summer 2016. At the beach I found these nice stones …

Then there the idea started to create something. I knew nothing about stones .. I did not know anything at all about what to do. Of course, many hours on youtube have helped me. There and then came the necklace series “Borga”. I sold it directly. Showed for the first time at my first winter market / craft fair here in the local. I sold first 2 necklaces and then 2 more and then the last 3 went in different directions. One of these is shipped to the United States.

Thereafter, stones ran out, but did wanning to do more grow . I thought about continuing to do simple earrings and just learning the technique. Did not know anything, had no good tools. My dear husband bought me my first tool set and stone grinder (what he has now got himself to his workshop, because seem to grind is not my strongest side, though I want to learn it better with. Now I polish more with drum)

Earrings I have made from my first stone beads what I bought around the world. Development and interests grew stronger. The technology became more advanced. Sometimes simple bracelets of different stone links made bracelets but then some more advanced …

And my first wireweave style came into place. i put out some picture of my first jewelry …

My first wire weave stile bracelet with some cristals .

This are my first jewelry what i did ..

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