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My first jewelry exhibition in Märjamaa Public Library.

My first jewelry exhibition

I had an interesting idea a few years ago. To make the first jewelry exhibition in Märjamaa Public Library in Estonia .
     I have a relationship with Märjamaa. I was born and raised there, I went to school.
    Having been there for a summer and visiting our family, we came up with the idea. And so it went on.
   Planning and making jewelry all year round. The different ideas came up. Of course, it was also very important to put my first Bronx medal certificate with the winning bracelets.
    The feedback was very good and now we are also planning new ideas and exhibitions. If this corona doesn’t stop us, then maybe my second show is coming here in Sweden / Umeå already in the fall.

The top shelf has three different sets. with earrings and necklace.
  The first is “Lillis”
  the second is “Flower-power”
  and the third is “The Queen of Tiger”
On the next shelf are my bracelets that won the Fire Moundain gems and beads in the Bronx Medal
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