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I have put together a collection “Music”

Slowly but surely I have put together a collection “Music” This one now contains necklaces, two different kinds of earrings. One hanging and another bouncing. And even now, the ring has been added there. The G key is the main one. I had already done 2 years since the necklace, then they came stud earrings …

New site ... new work

Now I’m done with this new version of “Apple Blossom”.

Yes, it has taken some time to get started on doing what I promised … but now it’s done. The whole new version of “Apple Blossom” with precious stones in the middle. This time I chose Tourmalines in two different shades. Pink and Yellow. If anyone is interested in any of these jewelry in that …

New site ... new work

I had the honor of making engagement rings for our friends..

Last year when I was in the annual farmers market here in Åsele, I was asked to make engagement rings for our friends here. Of course, I was surprised to get the great fine honor at all.And then our friends came that particular day and we went through my rocks what I had at home. …

New site ... new work

Mohave turquoises set.

Sometimes you have strange moments … like yesterday. I will attend the culture day on 19 August. And should be there with my jewelry. I would have prepared and made new jewelry from the old design but was easily distracted by these nice beautiful Mohave turquoise cabachons that I had received at home. Would do …

New site ... new work

And so the summer is began !!!

And so a school year has ended again. After that pandemic, we have finally been able to celebrate graduation together. Our girl was so happy that we could go along. The summer this year has very exciting things ahead of us .. It will be a summer with Åsele market. 4 days with customer meeting …

New site ... new work

Coming soon men’s brass necklace summer collection !

I am currently working on a summer collection for Men only. Necklaces sawn from brass sheet metal. Some have stones and some do not. Themes have been the sea and the pirates. Hmm funny … I’ve always liked pirate storys. And I love Johnny Depp’s film series” Pirates of the Caribbean” . My family has …

New site ... new work

Flatbread festival – Tunnbrödsfestival

We will have a week of flatbread festival. Flatbread is one of Norrland’s / Sweden’s national food culture. I am the neighbor of a flatbread baker and now also have my workshop there. (A lot of things have happened here). We’ve talked several times about why that flatbread is not told so much in the …

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