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Coming soon men’s brass necklace summer collection !

I am currently working on a summer collection for Men only. Necklaces sawn from brass sheet metal. Some have stones and some do not.

Themes have been the sea and the pirates. Hmm funny … I’ve always liked pirate storys. And I love Johnny Depp’s film series” Pirates of the Caribbean” .

My family has never been active at sea – sailing or so. We come from the inland where people grew their food instead.( Farmers)

But I know that in history there was a father and son who came over to Sweden in the 17th century during the Great Norse War. They learned the blacksmith profession here and worked here for a while. Then they came back home when they had earned a little money . I know we had big blacksmith tools at home and they were from Sweden.

Regarding that history, I’ve had a fun moment. I do not know if you should believe ghosts or not. But once in the Farmer market here in Åsele, a woman with her family came over to my table and said. You … you have 2 people who are with you here right now .. (it was just me) one who is a woman and is quite like you … (immediately realized that it was my mother – she died for over 20 years ago) and a man who says he is related to your father. He wears old-fashioned clothes and looks like a blacksmith. And said that : I am so happy that someone in the family after about 500 years has taken up the blacksmith profession. Yes, certainly not a blacksmith, but at least working with metal. I thought it was fun to hear because I had an immediate idea who she was talking about. ..
But unfortunately I do not have a pirate in the family, which is such a shame … now some pictures of the jewelry I have worked with …

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