Hi there! Welcome to Aunes-gemstone!

My name is Aune. I’m a self-taught silversmith, wire artisan.

In my collections you can find bracelets, necklaces, earrings.

I love making jewelry.

In my Collection you can find simple without stone or contemporary statment jewelry with large or small gemstones. Love using a lot of copper and silver. Earring hooks are handmade and of very good allergy-free material : titanium. Rings are from small simple wire rings to large statments.

My way to that jewelry making was when for few summers back when my dear husband took us to the mountains. There I found my first White Milk Quartz (I know this is a common easy findings) and at that second, it was the beginning of my design. In this serie I had 7 different necklaces with just from that Mountain Milk Quartz. And all of these are sold out almost immediately.

I love going to fairs and markets with my jewelry and the best thing I know is face to face contact with the customer. Then i can tell the history about that particular piece of jewelry, and how they came to my mind, and how they became to jewelry.

Even recently, my little dear daughter has received the honor of designing some things with me. She draws and I manufacture. Hope you like my webbsite with shop and will find something what you love. Sincerely Aune

* Prizes:




* I have been doing jewelry now aboute few years .

* I’m a self-taught silversmith, wire artisan.

  • When you see this mark * , it’s just the only example of this jewelry. This applies mostly to gemstones because usually I only have one example or pair. And that makes each example special and personal.

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