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Handmade earrings with crystals and handmade allergy fre Titan hooks .

Earings with Pink Opal and treated Topaz.

Floating earrings …

What do these crystals mean?

We starts with Pink Opal .

Pink Opal primarily for promoting love, eroticism and passion in a relationship. It has a gentle energy and a very fine vibration so its effects are on behalf of self worth, loyalty, faithfulness, spontaneity and emotional stability. Opal has always been associated with love and passion, as well as desire and eroticism. It is a seductive stone that intensifies emotional states and releases inhibitions. It can also act as an emotional stabilizer. Wearing an opal is said to bring about loyalty and faithfulness.The natural pink opal is a mixture of opal and chalcedony that until recently could only be found in deposits of the Andean mountain range, in Peru. Gross pink opal precisely because of its geographical location, it is also known as the pink opal of the Andes.

Topaz crystal, especially of high purity and transparency, is a carrier of solar or male energy. Topaz is a powerful stone for strengthening the whole physical body. It balances, soothes and cleanses emotions and thoughts, releases stress, and brings joy. In spiritual sense this stone brings love and peace.Topaz is the birthstone for the month of December, and the stone given in celebration of the 4th and 19th anniversaries of marriage. Topaz is a symbol of love and affection, and has been said to be an aid to ones sweetness and disposition.

These two stones are wonderful mixes together

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