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Coming soon these rings will arrive in the store … also much more !

“Patriot ” 925 Sterling silver with Synthetic blue spinel and black and white cubic zirconia. Can also soon be ordered in gold. And real stones: Blue Sapphire, Black Spinel, White Topaz . Custom size . 6-7 mm wide and approx. 2 mm thick, depending on the size, smaller approx. strl 56 mm (17/18) and below …

New site ... new work

New year has come…with difficulties and with fun , adventure…

As I wrote before, I have started my way towards becoming a real goldsmith ..I got start the Goldsmith Vocational College…My first semester is over. It has been very interesting and contemporary creative time. Made some new jewelry … learned a lot through different subjects . Next week my second semester starts … It should …

New site ... new work

Coming soon men’s brass necklace summer collection !

I am currently working on a summer collection for Men only. Necklaces sawn from brass sheet metal. Some have stones and some do not. Themes have been the sea and the pirates. Hmm funny … I’ve always liked pirate storys. And I love Johnny Depp’s film series” Pirates of the Caribbean” . My family has …

New site ... new work

Flatbread festival – Tunnbrödsfestival

We will have a week of flatbread festival. Flatbread is one of Norrland’s / Sweden’s national food culture. I am the neighbor of a flatbread baker and now also have my workshop there. (A lot of things have happened here). We’ve talked several times about why that flatbread is not told so much in the …

New site ... new work

I have put together a collection “Music”

Slowly but surely I have put together a collection “Music” This one now contains necklaces, two different kinds of earrings. One hanging and another bouncing. And even now, the ring has been added there. The G key is the main one. I had already done 2 years since the necklace, then they came stud earrings …

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