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Flatbread festival – Tunnbrödsfestival

We will have a week of flatbread festival.

Flatbread is one of Norrland’s / Sweden’s national food culture. I am the neighbor of a flatbread baker and now also have my workshop there. (A lot of things have happened here). We’ve talked several times about why that flatbread is not told so much in the international way. Many abroad have no idea what this is all about.

I’m not Swedish either and I got to taste flatbread for the first time when I moved up here exactly almost 6 years ago. It’s so good.

It can be used in different ways. Making sandwiches … is most popular. yYou can make rolls, wraps, chips, sweets …

And of course we will have a lottery. On Monday we will go and represent our association “Saga45” which is the organizer of that festival. Festival week we talk about, taste, and learn about different varieties of flatbread and flatbread dishes. On Monday, when we give out our program sheet, we will draw one of my flatbread jewelery. It’s a bread bath with the cake on it.

Made of Copper and Gray Cay Ey, and then during the week we will draw a Silver set the same version.

At the same time, you can pre-order with this in different metals if you are interested in it.

Tunnbrödsfestival will be 8-14 May .

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