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Fu…ck Covid -19 all my hard work was the waist of the time … or not ???

I had worked so much to be able to take a trip to Estonia … had paid for the entire trip and then 5 days before leaving our ENTIRE family got sick with corona. Bettan got a high fever .. I felt like crap .. and Jörgen , he was in bed for almost 1 week .

I never had a fever. On Thursday it started .. Friday we did a test which was positive. And next week on Tuesday I feel fine again .. but it sits like a lid on my lungs. It pushes to cough pedestrians. But Bettan, she is completely healthy… The same day when the fever came, it went up to 39.7 and then slowly but surely I brought it down again. so she was almost 2 days later completely ok … But we still had the infection in the house … so that’s why we stayed away completely.

Got so angry at my fate … I hadn’t been to Estonia for almost 3 years, nowadays I see how all my acquaintances and friends just travel around … I’ve vaccinated myself 2 x .. and still I get the damn shit just right before my trip to Estonia. It felt like it was fate that I wouldn’t be allowed to go there. …but screw it … I survive it as usual 🙂

But the really exciting things are happening now with me. I’m going to start SCHOOL AGAIN….

I saw an ad that was shared in one of the silversmithing groups in Facebook. And it was the university of applied sciences for Goldsmith. And of course I applied for “fun” .. I didn’t think I’d get in … (or I didn’t want to believe).. And of course I got in … had to do a few different work tests. Got to draw 9 designs (8 were needed). I’ve never drawn anything in my life.. then I also had to write about how good I am with Swedish… of course it’s a different level whatever that means.. 🙂 and then before midsummer I got word that I got in.

So the big planning began. How it’s supposed to go together. Because the school is in the south of Sweden and we live in the north… Anyway .. on August 29 I will fly down to Stockholm and then take the train to Falköping . Will be commuting back and forth for 3 years (i am hoping to that I will make it a little faster) .. But I will do that school and I will become a real GOLDSMITH ….

Here comes some of my later work …

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