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My first contest

Star of Night

In the fall of 2018 came the idea to take part in the Fire Mountain gems and beads contest. I just finished these three bracelets.

This big Pyrite bracelet was ready to be on display here in Northern Sweden where I live. But since our daughter got sick just then, I didn’t even get to the city to put my bracelet to the show.

But since I had just been researched to see if I had any new jobs to send to Estonia to sell in the store, I sent them there. But before I had made a beautiful picture of them.

I sent the picture to the US. Autumn passed and after the new year I received an email from us. Please send your bracelets to us. Your work has moved on to the second round. At first I didn’t believe and didn’t react. But when the letter fell in the mailbox, there was panic. OBS they are in Estonia. I had exactly 28 days to get them quickly from Estonia (Many thanks to my dear brother and sister). And forward to the US. It went well. And last spring I got some great news.

I who have never won anything anywhere … and I am also new in the world of jewelry … I was able to achieve my work in the Estonian Bronx Medal. You were great …. My first victory ..

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