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New year has come…with difficulties and with fun , adventure…

As I wrote before, I have started my way towards becoming a real goldsmith ..I got start the Goldsmith Vocational College…My first semester is over. It has been very interesting and contemporary creative time. Made some new jewelry … learned a lot through different subjects . Next week my second semester starts … It should also include the practical part (be in someone’s workshop and see how it all works)

It has been a bit difficult to be away from my beloved family … We are literally in two different parts of the country .. My husband and our daughter up here in the north and I in the south .. and all of Sweden is in between us …

I haven’t been so active in writing in my page because I’ve been in the school workshop a lot … Love sitting there and creating jewelry …

My first school holiday has been intense but so cozy with the family … I love being with them and doing adventurous things together .. They have been in the southern part of the country and visited me this fall … and they liked it there . But since Bettan goes to school up here in the northern part of the country, they need to stay there..
On the las week of the year, Bettan came to us and wondered : mom .. dad … we are ALWAYS home when it’s New Year’s Eve. Can’t we go somewhere and celebrate it somewhere elsewhere then home …quick as hell we booked a hotel in Umeå and welcomed the new year over there…

Last day of last year we went to the bathhouse and swam…it was nice…me too thought it was nice.
Said that when they come down to greet me, it might happen that I’ll take them to the bath there too..
A clip of firework at Umeå:

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