New site ... new work

Now I’m done with this new version of “Apple Blossom”.

Yes, it has taken some time to get started on doing what I promised … but now it’s done. The whole new version of “Apple Blossom” with precious stones in the middle. This time I chose Tourmalines in two different shades. Pink and Yellow. If anyone is interested in any of these jewelry in that …

New site ... new work

“Nordic Light ” bracelet …

Do you remember this one? “Nordic Light” bracelet… this can be bought now here and here … There have been some changes of pearls but the design is the same. I love making this design .. and remember … you can only buy this via aunes-gemstone.com, Instagram or Facebook. I hope you have a nice …

New site ... new work

London International Creative Competition.

“Dear Aune, It is our great pleasure to inform you that your entry was chosen as part of LICC’s Official Selection and the 2nd round of voting by the Jury, singling it out as one of the best in the 2020 Edition of the London International Creative Competition–Congratulations! “ Hurraaaa … omg … omg .. …

New site ... new work

SCAMMER ALLERT !!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight I discovered that someone or someone has snatched my bracelet design from www.medium.com and sells as it is theirs. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM … If you buy from them, You will NOT get any bracelet from because I have no cooperation with them. Most certainly they probably use child workers. When checking …

Here you can find beautiful custom jewelry

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