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Mohave turquoises set.

Sometimes you have strange moments … like yesterday.

I will attend the culture day on 19 August. And should be there with my jewelry. I would have prepared and made new jewelry from the old design but was easily distracted by these nice beautiful Mohave turquoise cabachons that I had received at home. Would do more even stud earrings of small stones in.

But the thinking goes all the time around these fine Mohava turquoises. I have always wanted to have turquoise in my jewelry. Now I had got it home and how can I ignore this ?

But when I do this set at the same time as other jewelry what I was holding ongoing , I hear how my dear dad next to me saing . (He passed away in February this year). … How are you going to have a business if you make jewelry for yourself … have had that discussion with him several times last year when I said I need to do something new for me too … because I’m all about marketing myself .

And when I finished, I had managed to break 2 flashcutters and the shaft of my polishing machine.

Then i said to myself here that the thing is, if you do not listen to your dead father, then you will have to pay dearly.

Luckily now the machine has the warranty still and today called and got a new shaft for this … until then, files and sand paper will apply here … and tumbling.
But here’s this set by Mohave Turquoise.

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