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So my first year at Guldsmith Vocational College.

It’s been such a fun and exciting year, I’ve also designed some new things. And there will be new jewelry in the store later this fall..

At the same time, it has been a difficult time to live separately from my dear beloved family.

There have been difficult moments .. but it has been a very creative time for me as well .In this first year at that school I have learned a lot, although I have felt like a failure too at the same time as a mom , as a partner , as the goldsmith . But i have learn a lot… i learned how to set stones more professionally, learned to do engraving.. Have used these skills to and from both my private and school projects…Then designed from my school project a new version ring , which I now call “Patriot” .

It has the colors of the Estonian flag. Blue Black and White..

I have also made the other jewellery at school, some as school work and some my own..

Necklace that I made for our daughter’s teacher at school. She has three teachers who worked with their class …

Made my first version of gold ring in hand. I got a small bar of gold that I rolled out in the rolling mill, and when I had soldered, I shaped it as a half round. I shaped it with just using a file .

At this time I came up with a different way of stone setting. I have seen it in Instagram and I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time…octopussetting. I love it . I had a white sapphire for few years that I’ve been thinking of making something for me ..

At the time I already had a school project that I had WITHOUT STONE .. so now I’ve started hoarding some small faceted round stones to practice . And during a fair visit I had bought some synthetic ones. So synthetic Aquamarine sat nicely in that ring.

Now my summer vacation is over, so I’ll be going back to school soon. Because when I have finished with my school, we have to rethink our accommodation a bit. So we have decided to move. To the south of the country … Yeeeee.. phy.. to be closer to each other and contemporary, I know how difficult it is to get customers here.
And this summer I was involved in a terrible thing as well. I have been making jewellry now since 2017. Not once have I witnessed someone stealing from me. So I got stolen of a necklace and a ring. At the one day. Damages were quite large when you are a poor student and live with the bare minimum, and every penny is enough to survive day by day.

Life must go on. and on Monday I’m on my way to school. ….

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