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2020 Metals Contest Winners and Finalists

In grup of Wirework and Chainmaille i got Silver .. this year .


In that day and time I was in Estonia when I was told that I need to send the bracelet to the USA …

Me and my siblings had just lost our dear father. And we sat around the table discussing funerals … then I felt like I need to look up my mail.

And there it was …. my bracelet got to second round on contest and needed to send the bracelet to the USA.

Last year my jewelry was in Estonia. Now this year I was .. and both times he I fix everything.

This year it went better .. I received the Silver medal.

Now yesterday, when I noticed on Facebook at a group that info on winners has been released ..

At first I did not even respond. But then I felt that I had to check how I was doing. Well then it turned out that it went well.

And I know my beloved dad is very proud up there in heaven. He was happy and proud already last year when I got the Bronx medal but this year came Silver … He was my best criticism … my biggest fan .. he most often gave me recommendations on what and how should I do instead … Miss you ……

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