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Merry Merry Christmas….

Hope you all had a great Christmas.

Olsson´s family xristmastree..

Our little family has had lovly time . We wished we could take a trip to Estonia … but you can only dream of that for this occasion. Corona virus …. It has also been found here in the small village Åsele (Northern Sweden) / Southern Lapland. We have already had over 30 cases here. …Tough times….

Oure Gingerbred House … This is every year’s tradition of making one with candy and icing.

We celebrated Christmas at home. Now we have eaten Christmas food for about 3 days … Love Christmas in itself .. even though it has been a bit bitter taste this year.

Kirjeldus puudub.
Xristmas dinner …moose minced meat ball…
Kirjeldus puudub.

Now a little about our Christmas tree and presents .. Our daughter thought it should be every day Christmas. I laughed that : dear you .. then it is NOT Christmas ..Such fun nice moment we should have only once a year…

All gifts are for our daughter … she got 9 different new things ..Good to have only one child 🙂

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