New site ... new work

first 2 days of the year 2021 …

Happy New Year !!!!

My first days have been sitting in front of the computer .. Fix and tone the page and then before the year ended could not refrain from finishing any projects. Like these here … Earring with turquoise. Will be sent to someone who turned one … and then new necklaces.

Turqouise from Imperial Crown …
Serpentine and Labratorite

Before this, I received a quick order for silver jewelry. This is my version of the Adoption symbol. .

And our daughter has discovered that she likes to make sculptures out of clay …

She also put wire in there for it to stand up and stick ..

The new year we received outside in our garden. And checked out some fireworks .. it was not as usual this year. But it snowed so much that Our girl thought to start playing snow instead ..

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