New site ... new work

New year with new challenges …

For six days I have been struggling with my site / webshop … it has been a big challenge. But right now it’s oki …

New year with new adventures … My New Year’s wishes are to make it go better with my shop … That there will be more customers .. I have made and designed all my jewelery myself. I have not gone to any school but since I have an interest in making silver jewelry I want to develop more … In my family we have had blacksmiths before but not any silversmith Interest began with me first making a little small earring. But this was so simple .. also have some the same style in the store.

Pildi eelvaade
Here you can see my earrings … first photos you can see how I have developed, in this large photos all parts have been bought. Just connected. The second and third you see that I have made these from scratch. Only the stone is bought ready-made. But everything else I have done myself.
Pildi eelvaade
Even here with the hoop earrings, stones are cut just for you. The rest I have done myself .

You can see more of my jewelry in my shop this page … https://aunes-gemstone.com/privacy-policy/here-is-some-policies/policies-all-jewelry-are-handmade/

A little different now … Finally it has gotten warmer here in Northern Sweden .. It has been almost every day between -20 to – 25 C . Yesterday when I had worked here at my computer .. needed to get some air and decided to chop some extra firewood for our wood stove. OMG because we have not had cold before the snow came, this cold is now hard cold . It is not as we are used to .. type .. dry cold .. it has been soggy cold. And this is hard. My fingertips hurt so much when I chopped wood with an ax. Hahaha yes it sounds like you’re from Alaska. But Northern Sweden is perhaps similar in the climate to Alaska. My big dream once upon a time was to go there (Alaska) but I never got away. And instead ended up here … 🙂

But thanks for my wood action, it has become overnight warmer .. today it was ONLY -9 C and there is a big difference .. or I scared away the cold with my wood action ??? anyway it is nicer and we took a walk (6 kilometers) towards our village ….

Anyway …. hope this year gets better than last and the horrible virus will go away soon … Stay home, and stay safe.

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