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Happy New Year !Happy New Year !Happy New Year !

So this year has come to an end. I can think that my summer in itself was good … and there have been some sales here and there … development is progressing.

I have not been so active in writing lately. Because I have not felt so good and then sometimes you can have a love hate situation with my data. However, I have been a bit creative …
This autumn we had a craft fair in Åsele. I was very happy with this. It was so fun to meet people again and sell some of my jewelry.

OBS . I managed to end up in the newspaper again ???? ????????????

In December we made a small trip to Stockholm. That trip was … hm … well next year when I turn 45 I will be home and not traveling. This time we missed the journey home, meeting an angel (the savior in need), the journey home that would have taken only a few hours .. took a full 24 hours. .. but in the end we came home.

Christmas has been quiet. On the way home I got a virus .. no it was not corona .. it was flu. Dropped my voice .. coughed … but I had no fever or other symptoms. Even today I cough a little …
I have not made more jewelry in this last month more than a few orders.

Christmas was quiet, we were home and had eaten a little as usual. The idea was to go to Umeå but that idea ended quite quickly …

This autumn we checked out the beauty of Norrland … The Northern Lights. Elisabeth was so happy to see for the first time in her life.

New year we received here at home. We were out watching some fireworks. And drank some champagne .. As we break to celebrate the new year. What I have been thinking is that a few years ago when we celebrated the new year I always got a call or called (last one more often because here is an hour difference in time) I to Estonia .. But now I do not have any calls … Like I used to … Miss your dad and old Aunt Valve ..

Otherwise, I hope that this year 2022 will be more successful than this one as it was. Of course the year 2021 gave me a little here and were surprises ..
Happy New Year !

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