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New site ... new work

Spring !

Today, for a long time felt inspired by the spring … here is a new necklace and earrings of Sterling silver and Rosa Quartz Those earrings and necklaces should now come into the shop … https://aunes-gemstone.com/product/sterling-silver-med-naturlig-rosakvarts-orhangen/ My father loved the time when Apples bloomed. In our childhood home we had many apple trees. Every morning …

My first jewelry exhibition
New site ... new work

My first jewelry exhibition in Märjamaa Public Library.

I had an interesting idea a few years ago. To make the first jewelry exhibition in Märjamaa Public Library in Estonia .      I have a relationship with Märjamaa. I was born and raised there, I went to school.    Having been there for a summer and visiting our family, we came up with the idea. …

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