New site ... new work

Oops … where time has gone ???

It was not long ago when summer began …

Next week, our girl’s holiday is over. They will start school again in a few days.

Our little girl is starting to get big. She turned 10 in mid-July. She got to bake her own cake …

We will celebrate her with her friends in September when school starts … but She got the trip to Umeå and stay in a hotel for two nights. There in Umeå she got to swim in the big lake and then the next day she got to play in Leo´’s playland.

This summer we were not allowed to visit my siblings in Estonia. This corona never ends. But my husband and I have both been vaccinated against corona. He was a little slightly affected (had a little pain in the body) but I got no effect just a little against patches … it started itching …

The summer has been a lot of fun … has sold some jewelry … and of course I have done many new things … have put up some rings and earrings in the store.
Got home many nice Tourmalines in different colors … and now I have made some of the fun jewelry. I will add more to that in the Store ..

And of course I had to make a ring for myself

Then I made a present for my husband’s cousin’s wife. Bracelets and necklaces of Carnelians.

Tomorrow I will continue to post more jewelry …

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