New jewelry designs

A New Collection Spring / Summer . “Hope”

That set includes : Earrings , Necklace and Ring .

I had been thinking about this new set for a long time. When i designed a flower brooch before with Copper and Brass wire (as wrap) and now I intend to do something similar with Sterling Silver. I love working with gemstones .

Actually, everything started with the gems. In Sweden you can find minerals here and there. And even sometimes there can be Gemstones classified. I have used Swedish stones before. But these nice beautiful Smokey quartz come from Brazil.

But beads in earrings i hade at home and just waited to be something ..

The whole set weighs about 23.5 grams together.
  Info about stones.

Smoke quartz in the ring is naturally oval cut and weighs 0.72 ct

Smoke quartz in the necklace is untreated natural oval cut with purity: Very Very Slightly included (VVS). The beautiful stone weighs 4.76 ct

VVS stands for Very Very Slightly included, which means that a diamond will require 60x magnification in order to see the inclusions that are in the stone. A VVS clarity diamond will be eye-clean, meaning that it will not have inclusions visible to the naked eye.

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